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The Currie Bros. are from the San Francisco Bay Area. They grew up playing in orchestra and band, as well as forming a DJ company in the early 90's. The love of music eventually lead them to modern musical instrument playing / manufacturing.

I spent many days with my friend, Mr. Rose, talking about electronics, hobbies, and our current projects. I eventually spent a hefty amount of hard earned cash on a set of "Custom" pickups. They had this aura to them, who wound them, what tone they replicated. They were the pickups to have. I was concerned about some misleading information on the box of these pickups; concerned enough to call the company. After speaking with a representative from this company, it was made clear that my assumptions were indeed correct.After many discussions with Mr. Rose about coil winding machines, the concept behind them, and the missing information hidden from the public, we decided to make our own winding machine. With Mr. Roses' background as an electronics teacher in the military, the Rose Pickups project came to be. With our 2 brains working in unison, we came up with a machine that not only winds coils, but can check many other vital stats as well. Scatter wound, Symmetrically wound, Matched coils, no problem! Even predictable patterned coils, which allows us to duplicate scatter winds. We may be new, but we offer an amazing product. It's really that simple! With all the help and guidance from Mr. Rose, it made perfect  sense to me to name the company Rose Pickups. Without his help, the Coil Winder would be forever an idea, and nothing else.  ~Ken