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Refunds / Exchanges


  1. What is The Rose Pickups Company?

    The Rose Pickups Company produces musical instrument pickups.

    Hand wound or hand guided pickups are created here at our shop.

    Our amazing low cost pickups are built to our specs outside of our shop.

  2. What is the Rose Winder?

    The Rose Pickups Machine is a mutli tasking pickup winder that allows us to create amazing pickups, with consistency. It also has other functions that allow us to check vital stats such as Gauss, Frequency Response, Resistance, and Inductance. We also have the ability to control teh overall strength of our magnets.

    The Rose Pickups Machine was a 9 month process / build, that was pre planned to ensure a very useful business worthy application.

    It was created by Dave Rose, an Ex Military Electronics teacher  and Tube technician.

  3. I keep hearing about these Rose Mariposa's What's the deal?

    The American made Rose Mariposa is our bread and butter pickup, which replaced our import version after a few years of developement.

    We sometimes carry an import version that is wound to our specifications. It was created to help us get on the map of Pickup manufacturers. 

    We rely on the Mariposa to create future business. Expect to see them again in 2014 starting at $44 per set.

  4. What is the Build Time for my pickups?

    Most pickups are created and shipped between 4-7 days.

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  1. Who runs The Rose Pickups Company?

    We are Brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area that have always had a passion for all things music. We grew up playing in Orchestra throughout our schooling, which eventually lead us to other forms of music, including the electric guitar.

  2. Who uses Rose Pickups?

    Anyone who knows that a pickup is only part of the equation.

    Anyone who knows that "you get what you pay for" is a myth.

    Anyone who wants a smokin deal from a good company.

    Our friends and family.

    Satisfied Customers!

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  1. Where is The Rose Pickups Company?

    We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, just east of San Francisco.

    The Rose Pickups Co.

    5572 Oakmont Circle

    Livermore, Ca


  2. Where's my tracking number?

    We use standard USPS shipping for our pickups. It allows us to cover the cost of packaging and get the pickups to our customers at a fair price, without raising the shipping cost.

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  1. Why did you get into the Pickup winding business?

    The search for "that tone" that all musicians look for.

    The endless craving to take apart things, and the plain ol' love of electronics.

    Ever pay a crazy marked up price because of the name brand only to find out it isn't God's Gift?

  2. Why do my pickups have red/green/white lead wires instead of old school cloth?

    We get different wire from different companies at any given time. Sometimes, they are samples for us to try, sometimes it's a bulk purchase.

    Color does not matter, it is only cosmetic. Remember that our wire is the STANDARD 22 AWG size. Same as the cloth vintage wire.

    Modern Wire Pros: Easy to obtain, Cost is less than Cloth, Flexible strands.

    Modern Wire Cons: Not being completely tinned, it may corrode at some point IF YOU DUNK YOUR GUITAR IN A POOL OF WATER.

    Cloth Wire Pros: Looks older, Pre Tinned, Push Back cloth is easy to solder.

    Cloth Wire Cons: Brittle if cut into by accident if strpping wire. Cost is leaps and bounds higher than modern wire, mostly because of cosmetics.

    As you can see, we are fans of new modern wire techniques. Nothing wrong with cloth wire, but we like to keep our costs down. We all benefit!

    Psssst.... If you need cloth wire, just let us know, and we will make that happen, but this secret will stay buried in the F.A.Q section because of the added cost.

  3. Your pickup descriptions are too brief! What gives?

    So many manufacturers OVERSELL their pickups. We are not selling snake oil. We are selling quality pickups that can help any guitarist achieve a quality tone. In our brief descriptions, we lay down the basics of each pickup. We will not promise anyone that their pickup purchase will make them sound like ___________. That kind of sales is FALSE. Be weary of ANY company that promises you this.

    What we can do is guide you in the right direction, based on experience. This should get you towards your goal.

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Refunds / Exchanges

  1. What happens if I need a refund or Exchange?

    Please see our POLICIES page for all info pertaining to refunds/exchanges.

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