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Quotes I just got the bells installed, and I have to say that this is the best set of pickups. I think the name reflects the sound. Bell in tone, but also sweet blues riffs. Think John Mayer for all you tone chasers! Quotes
Rose Bells are awesome pickups

Quotes I installed a set of the premium Mariposa's into a friend's old Squier bullet strat and fully refurbished the guitar. He told me yesterday his band has been recording some tracks and he is using that old Squier over his American Strat! Awesome! Quotes
Chris Brown
Guitar Tech

Quotes After getting (and loving) some Buff Beauties to replace pickups on a MIM Fender Strat, I took a risk on some Mozart pickups for a Strato-Jazzmaster and I love them both even though they're about as far apart on the single coil spectrum as you can get. All the pickups are super touch sensitive, and have real character whether running into a tasty low-watt tube amp or a rack-mounted amp modeler. Quotes
Rob Durbin
Shogun of Northern California

Quotes Did a fresh install on my 20 yrold Stratocaster with some Rose Bells, and they sound incredible. Nice and glassy, but totally full just like I expected. I had not heard of Rose until a buddy of mine mentioned them when I was looking at some other pickups. I am so glad I gave them a try. These are pretty inexpensive pickups for what they are. Completely satisfied. Quotes
Bells are great

Quotes Just installed the BOURBON in my tele. The tone is amazing, but it really shines when I overdrive my tubes with it. I couldn't ask for a better buying experience either. I'll be back for more soon! Quotes
Alex G.
Sweet Tone

Quotes Man, I love the American Beauty's. They sound like strato pickups, and they look tight, but the sound is absolutely AMAZING! Killer variety, and sounds like a pro strat with my No Namer! Quotes
F@ckin Sweet!

Quotes Just installed my Rose Robusta pickups. They Rock! Actually, they Rock the Blues! Amazing cleans and hefty enough for some gritty blues. Nice low price vs other companies for HAND WOUNDS FOLKS! Quotes
Oscar F
Great Tones!

Quotes Hi Ken, my guitar tech fitted the Hermosa pickups to my Mexican Strat and he didn't expect much from them but after trying them he said they are 'Stunning!' and that the tone is incredible, he was amazed and especially at the price. I've forwarded him your website address as he requested it. I've also tried them through my Marshall amp and I'm very impressed.? You guys should use the whole social networking thing to publicize your company (Facebook etc) it could really help you to take off. Yours sincerely, Stefan White (very happy customer) Quotes
Very satisfied customer

Quotes Thanks for the quick shipping and personalization, arrived as spec'd and looking perfect. The pickups are spot on, to the description on the website. The jangle is back in my Mustang, and the extra output comes without any of the extra "hairiness" I'd usually expect from a hotter pickup; the tone is plus clarity now. These are a much better fit to the guitar than the other pickups I had installed. Guess I don't have to sell the guitar :) I think I'll be back, when I'm ready to switch up pickups in my Jaguar. Feel free to post this up as testimonial if you'd like. Thanks again Quotes
Custom Mustang Pickups

Quotes I talked with Ken and asked him if he could come up with a vintage Tele set that would give me that 50s bark and that Tele twang in one pickup...the results are spot on...He listened to what I was wanting and wound me the best set of Tele pups I own...and I have some high end makers offerings...Take my word for it these are everything a Tele pickup should be....you get that old school bark and punch that made those old Tele's really growl...Ken is a super nice and knowledgeable guy that knows what players want....and he delivers at a working musicians price...do yourself a favor...before you spend a lot of hard earned doe on pickups...give Kens a try...you will be glad you did. Quotes
Little Ray Ybarra
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