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Quotes After getting (and loving) some Buff Beauties to replace pickups on a MIM Fender Strat, I took a risk on some Mozart pickups for a Strato-Jazzmaster and I love them both even though they're about as far apart on the single coil spectrum as you can get. All the pickups are super touch sensitive, and have real character whether running into a tasty low-watt tube amp or a rack-mounted amp modeler. Quotes
Rob Durbin
Shogun of Northern California

Quotes Did a fresh install on my 20 yrold Stratocaster with some Rose Bells, and they sound incredible. Nice and glassy, but totally full just like I expected. I had not heard of Rose until a buddy of mine mentioned them when I was looking at some other pickups. I am so glad I gave them a try. These are pretty inexpensive pickups for what they are. Completely satisfied. Quotes
Bells are great

Quotes Just installed the BOURBON in my tele. The tone is amazing, but it really shines when I overdrive my tubes with it. I couldn't ask for a better buying experience either. I'll be back for more soon! Quotes
Alex G.
Sweet Tone

Quotes Man, I love the American Beauty's. They sound like strato pickups, and they look tight, but the sound is absolutely AMAZING! Killer variety, and sounds like a pro strat with my No Namer! Quotes
F@ckin Sweet!

Quotes Just installed my Rose Robusta pickups. They Rock! Actually, they Rock the Blues! Amazing cleans and hefty enough for some gritty blues. Nice low price vs other companies for HAND WOUNDS FOLKS! Quotes
Oscar F
Great Tones!

Quotes Hi Ken, my guitar tech fitted the Hermosa pickups to my Mexican Strat and he didn't expect much from them but after trying them he said they are 'Stunning!' and that the tone is incredible, he was amazed and especially at the price. I've forwarded him your website address as he requested it. I've also tried them through my Marshall amp and I'm very impressed.? You guys should use the whole social networking thing to publicize your company (Facebook etc) it could really help you to take off. Yours sincerely, Stefan White (very happy customer) Quotes
Very satisfied customer

Quotes Ordered a set of the Hermosa single coils to upgrade my stratocaster and I have to say these are some of the BEST single coils I've ever played. I play a lot of blues and reggae and they give me every sound I want. Have had a ton of people ask about them and I always recommend these over everything else. Great customer service as well! Can't ask for much more. Quotes
B. Hill
Jackson's Ford

Quotes I wanted a humbucker-sized P90 neck pickup to match the Dimarzio Air Norton in the bridge of my partscaster, so I took a leap of faith and ordered a Rose Alnico IV Black Velvet. All I can say is, WOW---the Black Velvet has a meaty clean tone and a pleasing growl when I add some more gain. What's more, it's a great match for the Dimarzio. I couldn't be happier. Quotes
Kevin M.
Hack Guitarist

Quotes What can I say..I have the Bourbon in one Tele and a set of Freedom T90s in another.. The Bourbon is the very best sounding neck pickup that I've ever played..Outstanding tone.. The Freedom T 90s are a whole nother world of Tele greatness..Very sensitive to pickup height and tone controls.. After over 70 years of searching for THAT sound, I now have it.. The sweet thing is that they drop right in with absolutely zero mods to the body or the pickguard.. Great job Ken.. Quotes
Papa joe

Quotes I could not be happier with the these pickups. I have a 2012 Gibson LP Special that gives me uber-hot P-90 raunch and I like that but I am still the type of player who wants clear, articulate chime most of the time and that is why I play Fender?s more than the Gibsons. The Gibson P-90?s are wound very hot and they are loud and get dirty fast. Perfect for those times when I need that. But for my everyday tone, these Rose Eden?s, wound like they are, are absolutely perfect! The 8.0K/9.0K match is spot on between the neck and the bridge, they stay clean longer than the Gibson P-90?s but add a little more juice to my tube amps and BINGO, pure P-90?s. Smooth overdrive tones, no mud in any switch position, and when I bend my strings and hold them, both the neck and the bridge sustain forever and give back that last second bloom that just makes me want to cry for joy. Quotes
Rick Richardson
Eden P-90's - Love them!
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