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Quotes "Amazing sound!! Just got a couple of single coil sets and they sound great! My strat didn't sound like this, not even trying some of the high end pickups. Worth to try!" Alex G. Quotes
Alex G

Quotes "It was great meeting you and thanks for spending the time to talk about guitars and the business. I havent put down the strat since I started playing it. Fantastic quality and the pickups are really great sounding. The fretboard is a wider than my sheraton II and its a bit easier for me to play. I am happy I chose your guitar over a fender." Tommy L. (New Dawn Iconic Gainsboro Grey with Rose Mariposa Single Coils) Quotes
Tommy L

Quotes "Seriously, a great pickup. I took a risk trying out a new, as of yet unknown pickup company, and boy am I happy I did! Its an American made pickup that gives the Gibson PAF's a run for their money... and at half the price!" Chris (Rose New Dawn Humbucker Gold Cover) Quotes
Musician, Music Store Mgr

Quotes It seems quicker, tighter, and brighter, but in a good way. It has a ton of character. It splits well, and it just has a very resonant, airy tonal quality that suits VH-ey stuff very well. Very balanced response. Mids aren't spikey at all. Pickup lets the amp make the gain, which I prefer to midbombers like the DMZ super 3 or SD Custom Custom. Ken (the owner) has been VERY friendly, and open to communication. The delivery was also quite fast. pickup included pickup ring, springs, and hardware. Rose Pickups gets an A+ from me. " Gene D. , IN Quotes
Gene D

Quotes Great pickups!, worth much more than they are charging. Buy them before the secret is out!....These have a much better bottom end to them than either the stock mim's or the GFS ones. They have a meanness to them if you play them hard enough...These are really good, I mean, the price is bound to go up right? Who knows, but they sound better than my GFSs and about the same price.... Garrett, Harmony Central, (Rose Mariposa Single Coils) Quotes
Garret W.S.

Quotes The pickup is clear, warm, and dynamic. picking technique can alter the sound significantly....I love the classic tones this pickup can achieve. My teacher believes that it would hang with his standard gibson without issue.... Alf P., Harmony Central (Rose New Dawn in neck position, Royal Sunset in bridge position) Quotes
Alf P.

Quotes I really love the cleanliness of the pups, they are stronger sounding than the stock pups, but are more bell like for sure. There is a better bass response with these than my stock pickups. The neck position and inbetween positions are exceptionally nice... Quotes

Quotes They have a power to them, not brittle like the original pickups....good price, American made, totally cheaper than CS 69's, and sound as good or better.... Quotes

Quotes They're made here in California. Small shop, good people. Quotes

Quotes The pickups are fantastic, the whole guitar changed! It was like a brand new guitar! Thanks! Quotes
Ron, California
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