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Quotes Just put a T-90 in my esquire. Holy *(^$@!^. It's become a new instrument. It's so much more dynamic. The tone control has more influence, so does the volume. It replaced a traditional fender 7.2K and it's like a bigger, tighter sound, if that makes sense, with more depth and without the Gibson P90 mud. This is a beautiful pickup with a Really fair price. I'm building 2 ash teles now that will definitely have T90's in the bridges now that I've heard it. Real quality that will add a lot of value to my guitars. Thank you! Quotes
Vincent Valenti
Really satisfied

Quotes When I first inquired about fitting Rose single-coil pickups in a Charvel Model 6, Ken exchanged several emails with me. In the end he programmed his CNC machine to cut the base so they would fit. Amazing within itself. His attention to customer satisfaction is beyond expectation. Fast forward to receiving the pickups - out of the box they were perfect, beautiful just like us guitar players like. Once installed, me and a couple of guitar loving friends of mine were floored by the sound. They are bell like, chimey and have a natural attack. Nice isn't the word - much better than that! You want to keep playing. This is my first set of Rose pickups, but will not be my last. I can highly recommend the Robusta, Robusta, Buff Beauty set for anyone that is looking for that classic black strat sound. Btw: I chose the alnico v magnets. Quotes
David Miller

Quotes Just put my set of Robustas in my '83 two knob strat. I had a 70's strat while I was playing out on the road that I had to sell to make a van payment. Never found a strat that sounded like it since until now. Thank you for your excellent pickups and giving me back the sound I've been looking for for so long. Quotes
T. Fischer
Seasoned Guitar Player

Quotes Hello! I got my A2 Rose Buff Beauty installed in my CV 50's Strat one year ago, so this is no "honeymoon period" review. Rose's own description is dead on: meatier, but it still sounds 100% classic Strat - you'd probably never say this sounds overwound BTW because it retains all of the Strat character, while expading its versatility. In comparison to the stock bridge pickup in this guitar, the Buff Beauty is much more tonally balanced, having more bass and mids (but it still is slightly scoopy. The low end is bigger but tight, no flub or mush at all) than stock - which was all treble with little mids and really thin on the bass. The Buff also has a more pleasant character when overdriven, IMO (slightly more compressed on the treble than the stock pickup, thicker tone) and my middle+bridge position sounds even better: it's louder but without losing any "quack" at all - if anything, the BB enhanced that 2nd position on the switch, which can be better heard through the mix. Quotes
Rose Buff Beauty bridge pickup (Alnico 2)

Quotes Hi Ken, having agreed on a very ?special? Belle neck, Robusta middle, and American Beauty bridge pickup set for my, at least to me, very special pine bodied, pau ferro board, aluminium block strat all I can say, after I was finally having the pleasure to hear them is: YOU'VE NAILED IT! I was looking for a pickup set to complement the almost acoustic, very lively and sparkling tone of this instrument. Thanks for listening so carefully before we decided on this pickup mix and then working your magic on your already great existing templates. The results are stunning and, dare I say, outstanding. Even for twice the asking price, these would still be a bargain. Thanks for letting me be the nerd I am and thanks for still listening. Your attention to detail is worth the price of admission alone. Love these pickups to bits! Peter Vogel Osnabrück, Germany https://www.facebook.com/peter.vogel.378 Quotes
Peter Vogel
Guitar Nerd

Quotes I had an old set of your "Westerlands" tele pickups in my parts drawer, and decided to try them in my Squier Standard Telecaster. They're a match made in Heaven! Everybody that hears this guitar now wants to play it! I think you sold me the bridge pup for 35 dollars and threw a "B" stock neck pup in for free. Nothing wrong with it that I can see and the tone is amazing! It's my #1 Tele now. Thanks! Quotes

Quotes I got a set of Magic Dragons for a Squier Jaguar, the difference was night and day. They're so bright and clear, even when overdriven, just as clear and articulate as they could be. Quotes

Quotes I went for a Heritage/Heritage/Buff Beauty set for my Classic Series 50s Strat and it is fantastic. The Heritage neck pickup has the sound that I always had in my head as the quintessential strat sound. The 2 and 4 positions are creamy and soulful. As outstanding as the pickups are, though, my real point of satisfaction is the high quality of customer service that Ken and Rose Pickups provides. Ken made me exactly what I wanted, he finished the job on schedule, and whenever I emailed him I received a personal reply within about 30 minutes. I will definitely be coming back for more pickups in the future! Quotes
John S.
Heritage/Buff Beauty

Quotes Having bought Rose pups in the past, this time, I wanted a set for my mim strat that gave me a sound that would come close to Robin Trower, and Hendrix. I don't have stacked Marshall's, so I turned to Ken for help..I told him what I would like, in all 3 pups, well..I was more that pleased with the custom pups I got. Ken is a Master winder, he nailed the sound. Why would anyone go anywhere else for pups..? Thanks Ken. Quotes
Greg T
A repeat more than satisfied customer

Quotes Having installed a set of Mariposa's in one of my strats, I wanted another set for my mim strat, but wanted something with a bit more bite, I had though about the fender 57/62's awhile back, but after talking with Ken, I or I should say he decided the Robusta's would be a good set. Installed them, and wow, these pups are so much more versatile, they can be chimmy, or add some distortion and chorus, ect..and you have a Robin Trower type sound, and more. Mt Son also has the Robusta Buff Beauty set, and they too sound great. Why anyone would spend big bucks for boutique pups, I'll never know..I also have more pups coming.Thanks Ken. Quotes
Greg T
Repeat Customer
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