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Quotes I keep coming back. This time I tried the Buckaroos in my favorite '52 Telecaster. I couldn't be happier. Authentic Tele twang and a beefy neck pickup that steers clear of being "muddy". I keep thinking they can't all be this good, but Ken hasn't let me down yet. I've got the Bourbon, Aphrodite, Buff Beauty, Robustas, Picasso, and now these Buckaroos. They've all replaced quality pickups but I knew I could get more out of these guitars. And I did! Thanks again to everybody at Rose Pickups. Quotes
repeat customer

Quotes Heard about these and decided to get a set (Robusta & Buff Beauty) put these in a Strat plus Warmouth neck ebony FB CTS pots and 5way switch.... really dynamic & expressive sounding. you can't go wrong with a set of these. My Strat has some real spark. Great Classic rock tone! going to order a SSH set for a Carvin Bolt I got over 15 years ago. Get a set :) Quotes
Mike P.
Get a set!!

Quotes I received my Robusta/Robusta/Buff Beauty pickup set a few days ago and they're beyond my expectations. I can't believe these were $64! I'd put them up against any other pickups at any price. The Robustas were a bit lower output than I expected from what I had read online but the sound is perfect. I couldn't be happier with them. The Buff B. in the bridge is great too, smooth and full with gain but I was surprised to find that by raising the bass side a little I can get a nice "Tele twang" sound. I'm thinking a steel base plate on the Buff bridge would really work great for anyone who wants a bit of Tele bite out of their Strat! I wish I had tried Ken's pickups years ago but I will definitely use more in the future. He went out of his way to help me pick out the right pickups for me and is willing to do anything within reason to customize his pickups to fit what you want. I just can't say enough good things about Ken or his products. He's gained a loyal customer in me. Thanks Ken! Quotes
Tom Wilson
first time customer

Quotes For my 2000 MIM Std Strat got two Heritage for neck and middle and a Buff Beauty for the bridge. The set is very balanced and sounds great. Excellent build quality and service. It was a pleasure doing business with Rose Pickups Quotes
Basil Orechwa
has a nice strat now

Quotes Got a pair of Heritage for neck and middle and a Buff Beauty for the bridge on my 2000 MIM. For me a perfect combo, very warm with a nice chime. The Buff Beauty has revealed the spirit of the Strat bridge pickup for me and the middle Heritage together along with the Bufff Beauty at the bridge are lovely. It was a pleasure doing business with you Ken. Quotes
Basil Orechwa
Has a real nice strat now

Quotes Mad at myself that I didn't buy the Bourbon sooner! I've been riding the bridge pickup on Teles for years because of the almost-unusable neck pickups. Not anymore! The Bourbon injected a ton more versatility into my favorite guitar Quotes
The Bourbon is a revelation

Quotes Purchased a set of Heritage pickups to replace the original pickups on a MIK Squier II. Wow, the difference was night and day. You really never know how bad some pickups are until you replace them with a set of quality pickups, and the Heritage set delivered. I've had them installed for almost a year now and have enjoyed them emensely. Thanks for a great set of pickups and I'm looking forward to my next purchase.....i see a tele in the near future. Quotes
Service Tech/Misician

Quotes Freedom T90's .. simply amazing! Tele twang with that much richer, fuller sound! Absolutely amazing sound! Thanks once again!!! Quotes
Mark Easley
Satisfied repeat customer!!!

Quotes I asked Ken for a Tele bridge pickup to match a 4.7k fender fidelitron (their version of the filtertron) in a telemaster/jazzcaster. He did a 6.3k bridge pickup that sounds great and balances very well with the neck pickup. I need several more custom pickups for other projects. Rose Pickups is my go-to source for great custom work!! Quotes
Ken Danielson
Custom Tele bridge pickup

Quotes Just installed the Robusta in the neck position of my Strat and man does that sound fantastic, like the way it breaks up easily too. Clear, full, vintage tone. Bob Parduhn Guitarist for the band 18 Strings Quotes
Bob Parduhn
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