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"CLASSIC" Rose Blossom

$139.99 $159.99

New to the Premium line of Rose Pickups, the Rose Blossom is a modified Rose Victoria set. We took the Victoria and added mixed alnico's and strengths, as well as added more turns. The end result is a harmonically rich Texas tone that the great Blues musicians would be proud of. This set will give you pristine glassy tone and when overdriven... forget about it...

Tone: Glassy Blues, Harmonically Rich, Lenny

Made with premium vintage parts, including:

~Vintage Black Bobbins

~Vintage Plain Enamel Wire

~Mixed Alnico Rod Magnets, Individually magnetized to a specific strength


~Cloth Leads

(This pickup is already modified. It cannot be customized.)

What color covers? White, Parchment, Black, Cream?

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