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Hey guys, I received a call from Big Tuna, and I wasn't able to talk on the phone at that moment, but I know some of you are wondering how things are going, and I really appreciate all the support.

Here is what is happening:

~For the first 12 days or so the Neuro's at Kaiser felt my Dad had a Stroke, though for days they were not on the same page as to what kind, a bleed or a clot.
~They eventually did a lumbar puncture looking for anything from inflammation to infections
~This whole time my Dad just seemed to not be able to wake up, as if in a deep sleep. At this point he also had no movement in his left arm.
~After a couple of weeks, Kaiser decided they could not help him and he was moved to UCSF for further help, at which it was determined that he did not have a stroke.
~That first night they put an E.E.G. on him which was to remain as Kaiser did not have the means to do so, and they noticed that he was having a Sub Clinical seizure that lasted at least 4 hours.
~UCSF through process of elimination said that my Dad was suffering from a very rare thing called S.M.A.R.T. Syndrome. This stands for Stroke like Migraine attacks After Radiation Therapy, an illness that can show up years after having a brain tumor irradiated. A side effect if you will... (my Dad had Brain and Lung Cancer in 2005)
~For the remainder of his stay at UCSF they were trying to get these Sub Clinical seizures under control, and they were having a hell of a time stopping them
~Dad, was still basically "sleeping" this whole time whether from medication, or from seizures, etc. He was in some form of a med induced coma because they could not get the seizures under control.
~He was intubated a couple of different times at this point. He was also battling Pneumonia from not being able to swallow or cough up his secretions.
~Some time last week the Dr's at UCSF said that we needed to make "other" plans.... quality of life plans for Dad.. They were running out of ideas and medications.
~The next day he miraculously started (very weakly) to respond with head nods and my voice in particular, he then continued to become more responsive.
~UCSF Drs at this point are also thinking that they may be able to control the majority of these seizures, but probably not all of them.
~Once it seemed clearer that he may "slowly snap out of this" Kaiser determined that he was to be moved back to Kaiser

Without getting into the nightmare that is trying to get Dr's to give a crap, my Dad is currently in hospital and responding to us in short sentences that are hard to understand, and then sleeping.

I do not know how much he will recover but I have Faith that he is getting better. The other fight is to make sure that the Dr's are fighting along side. There are other concerns about future health issues that we have decided to not discuss with Dad until he gets better. Thoughts and Prayers work. They help. I lean heavily on God for many things in my life, and this is one of those trying times where my Faith keeps me looking forward positively. I know that many of you helped in this dept.

Thank you guys... for caring about my Dad and I... for asking about him, and for waiting a seriously long time for orders to be made. Some could not wait any longer and I completely understand. It is terribly difficult to leave his side and come home each night. It is a guilt like nothing else... My own body has issues and I feel them catching up to me. On top of that, my Mom had surgery herself today in the same City my Dad is in, and it was a lot of back and forth to check on both of them. My Mom is resting comfortably and I will be keeping an eye on her tomorrow so it also means I probably will not make it up to see my Dad...

On another note.... Since July 28th, my website shopping cart has been having technical issue where your pickups that were added to cart disappear. This is costing me a lot of orders, and they have yet to fix it. I will be moving to a new host when time permits me to build a new site. But they have seriously lost me a couple months worth of wages so far and it is getting to a point where I am worrying that my monthly bills will take a hit as well. Sigh.

Ok... online Family.. thanks again. Big Tuna, I will call you when I have a moment.

Thursday, July 20, 2017:  Thanks all for taking the time to visit the site, order, browse, and read my thoughts on this page. Normally I like to talk about what is happening with future of Rose, perhaps about estimated build times, new inventions, etc...

Today I am going to rant for a moment, and please bear with me as this pertains to less than a half of 1/2% of emails from potental customers....

Look.... I reply as fast as humanly possible to ANY and EVERY email I get. I take pride in that... in good customer service. I bend over backwards for our customers. If I didn't reply to your email.. it is because I didn't see it. If you want to claim that you sent me numerous emails and either of us at Rose have not responded... then it is because we ARE NOT getting your email... It is pretty simple and unfortunately happens.. whether it be in a spam folder or simply flagged and dismissed from the company email account. Trust me, I cannot be in business for 10 years and not repsond to emails.

If you think I ignore you and then threaten my reputation and drop F bombs... or "Beaner" or any other offenses, DO NOT EXPECT A REPLY, OR MY WORK TO END UP IN YOUR HANDS.. EVER. PERIOD. YOUR LOSS... NOT MINE. 

It has been nearly 10 years. 10 years of growth that has somehow sustained. I would like to think that some of that is because I am a people pleaser.. willing to do what is needed for my customer.  

OK, now to business..

I know the build time is awful.... I get it. However, it is what it is, and I just cannot make them any faster. I have 1099'd some summer employees to handle shipping and packaging. I hope it goes faster and smoother. 

May 9, 2017: G'day all. The influx of orders is having me feel guilty! I wish I could get these out faster, but it is simply impossible. Some of the worlds finest hand winders, in interviews have said that on a standard day, they would wind roughly 16 pickups. Currently I am winding roughly 36 a day. It is simply a massive amount of work, and the orders are coming in faster than I can make them. I do not want the wait time to get out of hand, so the store is temporarily closed to new orders, so I can get these pickups completed and out to their new homes. 

Please understand that I am truly blessed to have customers continually, let alone 1 customer. With one winder and one machinist, it is mounding faster than we can get them done.

I will do my best to reopen the store ASAP, but it is looking like the end of May is ideal.

Thanks y'all!


March 11, 2017: It has come to my attention that a small business owner has decided to use the name Rose to sell products for musical instruments such as pickups. As far as trademarked intellectual property goes, we have our trademark and paper trail of doing business for nearly 10 years now, since 2008. This person doesn't appear to want to change or modify his name, so please know that there is only one ROSE PICKUPS tm in existence. We are based in California near San Francisco. Any other company or person claiming a Rose based musical instrument company like ours is false and infringing. This is the 3rd time in 9 years that I have had to battle this issue, and Rose Pickups tm is 2 for 2.  I sincerely hope that this person decides to come up with a new name and compete in this market with his own ideas. There is room for competition... 


March 3, 2017:  Hello / Hola /Bonjoir / to all my fellow Guitar playing / building nuts! Orders are starting to calm down to where we can drop our build times closer to normal. That's a great relief to all of us for sure. 

I am incredibly thankful for all the support we get. It baffles Mr. Rose and myself, that we reach so many musicians and builders. It has been over 8 years of manufacturing pickups right here in California, and I could not be more grateful for that. Many of you know that about 10 years ago my Father became ill. We thought we were going to lose him. God's grace and favor kept him with us. It became my job to take care of him since then. Rose Pickups has allowed me to do this. I am truly thankful for that. Truly. 

We are working an a short video that shows all aspects of how we create a pickup from start to finish. We get emails often about how we make our bobbins and if our material affects the product. The picture above gives an idea of the early stages of designing a Telecaster Bridge pickup bottom bobbin. Our Rose made CNC machine requires much work with G Code to get the bobbins cut correctly. This is an ever morphing job, as we learn what bits work the best, what speed to run it, if it needs to be air cooled... etc. We use a Linux based program for this, though I would love to use a program that does most of this leg work for me, but Mr. Rose thinks it makes the process "less fun". ~Grr.  Look out in the future for a demonstration video that shows start to finish, how a pickup is made at Rose.


January 23, 2017 : Hello to all those who stopped by to say hello!  It's been a heck of a month here in the United States. Turn on any Boob Tube to know what I'm talking about!

The annual USPS postage hike is upon us. As of 1/22/17 the flat rate for the boxes we use is $7.15. Compare it to when I started Rose Pickups, it has risen nearly 40% since 2008! Please know that I DO NOT make any money on so called shipping and handling. Never have and never will.

I have been told by those with vested interest in my company that I should follow suit with the annual price hikes many companies pass down to customers. Truthfully, I have no interest in that.I don't rock the boat. Make a living, not a killing!

We are now fully through all December orders! There are 3 of us in the company as many of you know, but only 1 winder. The other 2 are in charge of some manufacturing and shipping / processing. The lead time is fluid and it most likely will always be the case. I get extremely busy right around the months of Oct. through Jan. Every year, like clockwork! A sincere Thank You for the business and the patience! Please know that I currently average about 10 to 12 orders a day. That is roughly 30 pickups created each day including Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. It doesn't sound like a lot, but believe me, this takes me easily all day and back to the shop late afternoon for completion.

So once again, THANK YOU for helping me keep my lights on and a massive debt of gratitude for your patience!


December 16, 2016:

Welcome to my 4th blog post. I wanted to reiterate to our customers that we PROUDLY create our pickups in the the Good ol' U.S.A.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. means a lot to not only me and my family, but to other Americans who work their butts off. Our money, to the best of our ability, stays domestic. There are only a few parts that we purchase from overseas. They are Screws, Springs, and Pickup Covers. That is it. PERIOD. It bothers me that I have to order those parts from China / Taiwan. If there was a manufacturer here (that I knew of), I would not hesitate.

For 7 of the 8 years we have been in business, the majority of our part supplies come from great states, such as New York, New Jersey, Texas, The Carolina's, Florida, Illinois, and California, and I'm not talking about spending our budget on a middle man importing from China, I'm talking about manufactured right here in the States.

Welcome to my 3rd blog post. On April 30th, 2016, our website will be up for renewal. We will be renewing our current site as well as working on a sister site. Sometimes you just have to keep your options open, especially with a host site that doesn't have any interest in working with you past a lethargic level. So, no changes for now, but if you see a site redo in the near future, just know we most likely changed host companies. We will do all testing prior to a change to make sure all will run smooth.



Welcome to my 2nd blog post. A few things are being changed and/upgraded here at Rose. The first is a big deal. We are becoming more independent and are in the process of building our bobbins in house. We have been working on a CNC machine for roughly 2 years. Building the CNC plus learning the CNC language has been a welcomed challenge. As we build up our G Code patterns for the machine, you will start to see our own bobbins enter into the mix. This will help in two specific ways. 1: We get to control design and delivery time of product. 2: We get to build a stronger bobbin in any shape we can think of. This means certain pickups such as our Picasso will have a genuine Rose made bobbin shaped by us VS. using a modified bobbin.

As we begin to transition to our new workshop, you should see your orders completed quicker. Most customers have been so patient with us, and we GREATLY appreciate that. Yet I completely understand the "are we there yet?" mentality, as I like my own personal orders ASAP.  Once again, totally appreciate the patience. As always, build time is listed at the bottom of each page on the website, and is updated when production time changes.

Being a 2 person company has its Pros and Cons. The main Pro in this case is being in control of your product. This is allowing us to look at our pickups "through the magnifying glass". It's better for both of us. Good quality out =Happy customers. The Con is the amount of time needed to complete the orders. In this line of work, I can't hire someone to run the machine that is for hand winding. Even having Kevin, my Partner/Brother as part of the business only helps in specific ways that don't include winding, although he was a great winder! Which leads back to the patience if you , the cool headed customer:

Thanks again for the patience!

Welcome to my first official blog update! I want to start off by giving a huge shout out and thank you to all our customers and friends who have helped Rose Pickups grow over the past 8 years.

Many of you know that I started Rose Pickups ( As a licensed business) back in 2008. My brother soon joined and we began the idea of pickups and guitars. Though the guitar side of the manufacturing did not work out as planned, we went ahead and used the money we were allocating for guitars back into the already growing pickup business.

So much of running a business had to be learned through trial and error. Trying to stay afloat in such a densely populated business was and still is a challenge. My brother has decided to move back to my house where he will be more readily available to help with the every day grind! I could not be more excited to see my best bud back under the same roof.

Speaking of roof....

We are in the process of moving the everyday winding business area to its own little piece of Americana. There is no intention of slowing down orders to make this happen, but I will be posting blog updates with pictures of the new workshop as it is created, Cool! We are going for stations where equipment will have a permanent home, and not have to be moved around as orders are being created. This will speed up the process of Cutting, Drilling, Bonding, Drying, Winding, Soldering, and Potting.

The new getup will have a place for our CNC machine, our Drill Presses, etc. It really will be a God send. On top of that we will have a workbench computer where we can check on orders on the fly. This should help us answer questions about orders and future purchases as quickly as possible. You guys probably already know I pride myself on answering those email as fast as possible.... Even if I'm up in the middle of the night.

Look for many custom made pickups in the near future. I am working closely with Mr. Rose on our G Codes for the CNC machine. We built the cool tool a while back but it has had many bugs that needed to be worked out before we could use it often. We are just now learning how far we can push the cutter and what the R.O.I. will be vs outsourcing bobbins. We will be offering one off bobbins as well as standard styles in the future, so look out for them! I want our quality to be even higher!

Speaking of higher....

Those of you that have ordered from us in the past know that raising our prices is a cringe worthy thought. A few bucks here and there over 8 years has happened, but nothing crazy or overpriced for our custom builds... One thing that we have always done is set a flat rate for shipping whether it is Domestic or International. This meant that some folks, mostly International end up paying much less than the actual cost of shipping. THAT WILL NOT CHANGE. I really don't mind eating the cost for that.

Speaking of Eating the cost...

One other cost that we have always eaten, is taxes. We have never included tax into our cost. The government is cracking down on this and we are starting to see that for the first time this year. So, hopefully our loyal customers won't mind the added tax that will be collected. It's the only way to stay afloat. The tax is added to the cost of the pickups, so you should see a bump of price of around $5.00. California is expensive, and this is where my family is.. So I can't go! You will notice that Taxes will be collected upon checkout. Please understand that we must, by law, collect it. Cost of living is crazy, and everyone is feeling the crunch. So please don't be offended by the added few bucks on your order.... Please??

If you read this entirely, congrats! And thank you for your time! I look forward to updating what is happening with my business as well as life in general. Time to go, my Roses need pruning.