"Rose Standards" (Set of 3)

"Rose Standards" (Set of 3)

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  • ROBUSTA: 1950's, Full, Articulate, Overdrive friendly #1 Selling pickup for 2014-2016. Alnico 5.

    HERITAGE: Warm, Sweet, Softer Chord Structure, Glassy / Chime. Alnico 2

    MARIPOSA: Surfs Up, Resistance matched, Classic Stratocaster tone from all decades. Alnico 5.

    BUFF BEAUTY: Overwound but clear, Still strat tone, less brittle, Classic Rock. Alnico 2 or 5.

    AMERICAN BEAUTY: Upside down stagger, with a mix of magnet lengths that allows for more tonal variation, looks non staggered. Slight compression. Alnico 5

    **All Pickups have the option below to add a Buff Beauty Bridge Pickup

      **All Rose Custom Strat pickups can use Rose CNC bobbins, with modern hookup wire.

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