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Updated news for Rose Pickups 4/3/15 : Thank you to everyone who supports us at Rose Pickups! Business has been more than steady as the years have gone by, especially since last Christmas season. Thank you very much for your patience as we make sure your order is perfect!

CAUTION: This site is the ONE and ONLY Rose Pickups online store. Please be aware that there are other sites trying to resell our products at a higher price!

We've simplified our site!

"Many thanks to you, our customer, for helping Rose Pickups stay relevent in this crowded field. We have simplified our site by making categories based on price. Since many pickups share the same pricing, you can now click on the price category you wish, seeing  all options on 1 page. Much better than clicking on 31 different pickup links, no?"

~Ken and Kevin

Sounds of Rose PIckups


  • "I spent over forty years trying to recapture the unique sound of a custom wired late `50s Tele I foolishly sold a long time ago. Tried this, tried that. Got some good sounds b..."
    Don Sucher
    Old School Tele Player.
  • "I got in touch with Ken and ordered the Robusta's just before this years International Blues Challenge. He wound them up and got them to me in a week. From Cali to NY! Customer ..."
    BB Ready
    Fade to Blues

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