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Welcome to Rose Pickups TM ! Home of the affordable Hand Wound Boutique Pickup!

May 9, 2017 Update: 

Thank you to all our customers! There has been such an influx of orders that it is necessary to halt any new orders temporarily, as we play catch up. We will close the store to new orders possibly until the end of May. There is a good chance I can reopen the online store before that, but just in case...

Please understand that, with one winder, and one machinist, the orders are starting to stock pile. I would like to at least get the build time down to a reasonable amount so any future customer will not have to wait so long. 

Please bear with me as I get these promised orders out, and hopefully you come back to see us for your next order!



April 30, 2017 Update: A huge influx of orders have come in. Expect delays. Please bare with me as I work as best I can! Expect around a 4- 6 week build time.